Structural Engineering



One of our core skills lies in comprehensive and integrated structural engineering for projects such as industrial plants, service stations and general or special construction. We develop structural solutions in steel, metal and glass as well as wood, RCC and composite materials.

Thanks to our extensive experience in building information modelling, we are able to engineer supporting structures specifically to the requirements of projects, regardless of their type or size. We optimally design the structures for the static and dynamic stresses and constructional requirements.

With our three-dimensional design models, we also register the influences of local changes on the overall supporting structure, ensuring reliability and economy. If necessary, we can also integrate building phases that have already been planned in the design model and take them into account as load history.

For three-dimensional calculation, we use modern software, combined as needed. If the standard interfaces of the software products do not suit our needs, our IT specialists develop interfaces adapted exactly to meet these needs.

We develop efficient procedures for project realisation and optimise the manufacturing and assembly process. To achieve the economic targets and keep to schedule, we work together closely with the various companies concerned. Whenever necessary, we develop special solutions to complete the manufacturing or assembly more quickly and optimise material usage.