Project Management Project Controlling



Complex building projects require a clear organisational structure if they are to be completed successfully. CE-N can advise and support the architect, owner or investor in making optimal use of the technical possibilities from an early stage in the project.
We develop a concept for realisation and clarify the work of all parties involved in the project planning. We coordinate their work and efficiently monitor compliance with our organisational, schedule and payment plans. Thanks to our digital information pool and constant synchronisation and updating of all relevant data, we keep track of the status of the individual project phases at all times and monitor all procedures. We regularly update the planning targets and swiftly solve any problems.
Our clients are kept informed with transparent and comprehensible information, enabling them to make the necessary decisions on time. As general planners, we are not only in charge of the complete project management but also plan technical aspects of specific parts of the project, such as concrete, primary steel, substructure or exterior design.