CE-N develops construction concepts to realise the designs of building planners. We are on hand to advise our clients right from the early development phase. We see ourselves as providers of integrative solutions, as shapers of construction processes and as partners of building planners and construction companies.

Thanks to our certified quality management system and extensive experience, we can promise our clients the best technical and economical results. We have a propensity for technology and apply the highest technological standards. This not only determines our choice of tools, but also characterises us personally.

Close collaboration and flat hierarchies enable our interdisciplinary and self-organising teams to achieve fast and flexible solutions, responding quickly to new circumstances. With our clients’ interests and commercial objectives always in mind, they make sure projects are kept to schedule

Our staff at CE-N consists of civil and mechanical engineers, software and IT specialists, and also includes industrial designers and business economists. Seamless integration and sharing of resources between all divisions of our worldwide team of experts create the basis for realising highly complex projects.