CE-N develops software solutions specifically for construction processes. Our IT specialists see themselves as ‘toolmakers’. They employ modern software used in building information technology and other disciplines to create their own innovative tools for our projects.

Various specialised software products are needed to realise complex projects. However, the standard capabilities of even the latest software do not allow loss-free data exchange. We therefore develop and continuously improve our own special IT solutions for loss-free data communication between all software products. This ensures that everyone involved in a project has access to the latest information at all times.

Our expertise also enables us to import our clients’ data without loss and to integrate it in our work processes.

We constantly keep an eye out for recurrent processes or processes that can be automated. Our engineers and IT specialists then work together closely to develop and implement a specific software solution. In this way we minimise repetitions of work steps and improve efficiency, giving our specialists the time to concentrate on the important work. We also use modern information technology to analyse and solve unusual problems that are difficult or impossible to overcome with standard tools.

We cooperate with software manufacturers to develop middleware applications for use in large-scale projects, acting both as a competent partner for software development and as a source of practical ideas.