Unusual architecture requires unusual methods. CE-N specialises in applying geometric principles and mathematical models to organic freeform surfaces. Non-standard architectural projects are, however, usually so singular that they cannot be processed with standard tools.

We therefore develop a large part of the software needed to process the geometry of these projects ourselves. We do this, for example, by adapting not only the latest software in building information technology, but also the digital techniques of freeform surface planning, aeronautical engineering and shipbuilding. To offer optimal solutions, we also write our own innovative programs.

The structural and physical demands on components are particularly high in avant-garde designs. Innovative methods are therefore needed to design these components. We design transparent and intricate exterior structures, also using new types of materials and organic shapes.

Building information modelling as a geometry-oriented three-dimensional database contains all components of the building. It is used as a point of reference by all specialists engaged in the international project team, expediting efficiency and goal achievement.

Our multidisciplinary teams know how materials behave when used in constructional components and develop specific solutions for concrete, steel, metal, glass and photovoltaic modules