Fire Protection and Safety


When planning a project, fire protection and the means to achieve this must be considered at an early stage. This applies to all buildings, but particularly to industrial plants and steel structures. Highly frequented locations, festivals and mass events can only be planned properly if a tested safety concept is incorporated.
CE-N offers the services of both experienced safety engineers and state-accredited experts for inspecting fire protection.
Their work shortens lengthy approval processes for our clients. It also guarantees optimal and economical planning of their building project from the outset. We consider the structural requirements for fire protection from the word go and develop effective measures to implement fire protection.
Thanks to building information modelling, we are able to show and check the effects of planning changes without delay,
for example to the ground plan for fire protection and safety. Whether it’s a building project or open-air venue for a mass gathering, not only fire protection issues must be considered, but also the safety of people and their movements in case of danger. Our IT specialists develop people-movement simulations that calculate these risks. This enables us to develop and implement effective countermeasures right from the start of planning.