Building Information Modelling



Building information modelling (BIM) forms the basis of all our activities, from building an industrial plant or traffic infrastructure to implementing an artistic architectural design or ensuring safety at a festival.

BIM is an internationally accepted system. We have years of experience in this accurate and efficient method, making us one of the leading engineering firms to use this system.

BIM organises construction processes and collects information at a single point for everyone involved. It also creates links between teams and cooperation partners. Construction processes are highly complex, involving a large amount of organisational and administrative work. Considering that the plans for global projects are often developed at different international locations, it is vital that information is exchanged between these different parties smoothly.

Complete BIM
BIM allows us to collect, link and combine all relevant building data and present this as a 3D model. We make our central information server available to everyone involved in the project via a virtual communication room.
Every single change to a project file, no matter how small it may be, can be seen immediately by everyone, including all resulting effects. This ensures optimum efficiency in planning and constructing a building as well as subsequent management and costing.